Authie and Carpiquet

Authie and Carpiquet are two small villages on the outskirts of Caen in Normandy. Their total populations are smaller than North Baddesley, but they make up for that in enthusiasm, hospitality and facilities. The social mix of the villages is very similar to ours and many great friendships have been struck up between members of our association and theirs.

Authie and Carpiquet are very close to the historic city of Caen and also to Bayeux, where the famous tapestry is to be found. They are situated on the edge of the beautiful Normandy countryside, the home of apples, cider, Calvados (apple brandy), cream, butter and various delicious cheeses.

Authie and Carpiquet are within easy reach of Ouistreham, the Caen ferry port, making weekend visits very simple. They are also close to the famous Normandy landing beaches with their historic attachments to WW II, as well as wonderful holiday beaches and resorts such as Deauville and Honfleur nearby.

Authie Map Carpiquet Map