What do you mean, ‘twinned with…….’?

Anyone who has driven into North Baddesley will have noticed the signs saying that we are twinned with Authie and Carpiquet. But what do they mean?

We have formed a partnership with a community in France, in our case, two adjacent small villages on the outskirts of Caen in Normandy. Such partnerships can take many forms and can include social, cultural, educational, business and sporting activities.

Some Twinning Associations can be very formal with strong municipal links and high involvement from council officials, but ours is not like that. Our twinning association is run for the people of North Baddesley by the people of North Baddesley. It involves itself in any appropriate activity that the membership wishes. Most of the things we do are social and fun, although we do try to put something back by getting involved in more serious activities too.

Oh and please drive carefully!

What we do

Some of our activities are in partnership with our French friends, but others are purely social or fund raising within the village.

Joint activities have included:Mont St Michel Ferry Picture

  • Weekend exchange visits each year in alternate countries ie one year we go to France and the following year we welcome guests from our twinned villages. This involves around 100 people crossing the Channel. We stay in each other’s houses and social events and visits are organized.
  • Inter-village football matches.
  • School visits.
  • Private exchanges between families and individuals.

Anything is possible if there is enough interest on both sides of the Channel.

Social activities in the village have included:

  • Dances in the village hall.
  • Christmas Dinner-Dance at Wellow Golf Club.
  • Quiz Evenings.
  • Petanque Afternoons.
  • Participation in Village Day with our famous Crepe Stall.
  • ‘Call my Bluff’ wine tasting evenings.
  • Plus lots of other activities with new found friends.

Why not join us? We’re a friendly bunch and membership is only £7 per family group for a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be able to speak French………..?

No.Many of our French friends speak or are learning English. We have never found communication to be a barrier to having a great time and with a few gestures, a French dictionary and a willingness to ‘have a go’ anything is possible! It’s also a good way for learners old and young to practice in real life situations.

My house is not very big. Do I have to be able to accommodate guests…….?

No. Although we are always keen to have members who can welcome French guests (and the warmth of the welcome is more important than the practicalities), we also welcome members who can participate in our social and fund-raising events throughout the year.